The Effect of Thought

This first experiment and its variants were considered by Marcel Vogel to be necessary in order to work with crystals in a real and meaningful way. They demonstrate the ability to focus and project one's mental capacity in a visible way. This imprints the subconscious in a very powerful way. Otherwise, it can be easy to create an illusion of one's ability and become a legend in in one's mind for no apparent reason.


3 leaves

3 pieces 8.5"x11" white paper


This experiment is crucial in developing your ability to clear and charge your crystal. It develops the skill and confidence in being able to influence the environment around you in a way that is real and meaningful.

Rubber gloves (to be used if you feel it necessary to touch a leaf during the experiment after you have charged it)

    In order for scientists and laypersons to improve their understanding of subtle energies, we have designed a series of experiments. The first experiment offers a practical means to demonstrate energy transfer from the human body to other living forms, referred to as "energetic healing." In speaking of healing, one postulates that something moves from the healer to the healee. To show this in unequivocal terms, try the following experiment.
    Choose a plant that has leaves that are rather thick and high in moisture content. 
The following are recommended for use:

1) Geranium

2) Saxifragia

3) Comfrey

4) Ivy philodendron.


          Use your fingers to pick three leaves from the same plant that are of equal dimension and age. Take three sheets of clean white typing paper and label one sheet "treated" another "untreated" and one "control." Place the control leaf on the control sheet and put it where it won't be disturbed, ideally in an unused room.
           To treat the leaf, place it on the palm of the left hand with the stem facing to the rear of the hand. Place the right hand parallel above the leaf and slowly oscillate the hand up and down, moving from four to seven inches above the leaf, while at the same time slowly filling the lungs. Hold the breath and focus on the leaf. With the outgoing breath project the thought to the leaf of remaining whole, free from disease and continuing to live.

Continue this for two minutes, breathing in slowly and with the outgoing breath repeating the above thoughts. At the end of the second minute release the breath suddenly with the thought "LIVE." Carefully place this leaf onto the paper marked "treated." Photograph the three leaves, recording the time and date.

Be sure the leaves are undisturbed. Look in on them each day and project the thought of "living" to the one leaf, and "not living" to the second. The third remains untreated. At the end of each week photograph the three leaves, but do not touch them. Continue observing and photographing the leaves for at least one month and see what takes place.

This form of experimentation opens up a host of ideal variations:

One can perform the experiment using a quartz crystal by transferring the thoughts via pulsed breath through the crystal to a leaf.


    Using Mung Beans:

  1. take three mung beans, soak overnight

  2. place each on a wet cotton ball spaced fairly far apart.

  3. Bean 1: send it love and will it to live

  4. Bean 2: do nothing

  5. Bean 3: send hate and will it to die

    Do this daily for one week to a month. Photograph the samples daily.



Take a piece of fruit (apple, orange, pear)

  1. cut the fruit in half

  2. send love and well being to one half

  3. send nothing to other half.

Observe and photograph changes over hours and days. 

One can test if drugs, vitamins, tissue salts, Homeopathic or Bach Flower Remedies in proximity to the treated leaf, bean, or fruit has any effect.


Those with more sophisticated equipment may want to measure weight changes in the leaves and take photographs through a Wratten "A" filter using infrared film. If so, always use rubber gloves when handling the leaves after the initial preparation.


Another important bit of information is that in using infrared film through a Wratten "A" filter, one will observe that the treated leaf continues to reflect infrared radiation just the same as a living plant does, but the control leaf dies in a few days and no longer reflects infrared radiation. By the use of infrared photography, one can photograph the vital aspect of a living system, and when that life process is no longer actively functioning.





            Pre-made dowsing rods

Build your own using:

Wire coat hangers

            Wire cutters

            2 stick pens (from which you can remove the refills)

Dowsing rods detect the energetic forces that emanate from a human body or from inanimate objects. The rods are energized by the power of thought.

The most practical form of dowsing rod is a right angle wire.

Remove the hook portion of the hanger and cut the wire near one of the remaining angles. Bend the remaining wire so that it forms a right angle rather than an acute angle.

The handle portion and the longer sensor portion of the rod should be in a ratio of 3:1. The handle can be inserted into rigid tubing that allows the rods to rotate freely. Typgon, acrylic, or synthetic rubber tubes work well for handles. (One can also use the empty tube of a stick pen when the refill has been removed.)

Paint the tips of the sensing angle white.

Mentally clear the rods of any limiting or interfering influences. Do this by drawing the breath in with the thought of clearing the rods. Hold the breath for one or two seconds and release it in a pulsed burst.

Stand erect and hold the rods, one in each hand, at a comfortable level in front of the chest. The sensor portion of the rods should be parallel to the ground.

Watch the antics of the rods turning around. Mentally command the rods to be quiet and adjust them to a parallel position to each other. Be patient, let this happen, and then mentally command the rod in the right hand to turn to the right and stop. Then mentally direct the rod in the left hand to turn to the left and stop. Breathe in, and watch the rods come back to neutral (parallel). Let the breath out and watch the rods move outward. Repeat this often, observing that with each breath, movement of the rods takes place.

We have indicated that rod movements are controlled by intention (thought). The intention of one's mind, directed to the rods, will cause them to move as one breathes. To use these rods in detecting the energy fields of the body, one must first quiet the rods. Second, release the intention, mentally placing that intention at the tip of the dowsing rod. Draw in and hold your breath. Notice the movement of the rods.

Notice the movement of the rods as you to breathe normally.

With breath held in, slowly walk toward your partner and observe the rods.

Ask you partner to breath in and out and observe the movement of the rods.



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