The Vogel-cut Crystal
(excerpted from the forthcoming book Crystals, Love, and the Matrix of Consciousness: The Legacy of Marcel Vogel) by Rumi Da)

   A natural crystal from the earth demonstrates the capacity for information storage, amplification, and transfer, but it is unable to cohere that energy. Coherence, the transfer of a single frequency or narrow band spectrum energy, is an important factor if the energy or information is to be stored or transferred while maintaining its integrity.

   Of equal importance is the fact that no two unfaceted crystals are the same and therefore they are incapable of producing the same precise effects. In the process of creating a meaningful technology it is important that the results obtained are able to be replicated by anyone with adequate skill and training. With the use of unfaceted crystals, these results are similar, but not the same. It is necessary to facet crystals into a precise geometric form in order for them to manifest their greatest potential.

   When quartz grows within the earth it must accommodate its growing environment and usually accretes to it many undesirable secondary vibrations. Physical manifestations of  this might be a distorted geometric form, cracks, crevices, multiple secondary crystals growing on the surface of the primary crystal, and so on. Although often aesthetically appealing this creates what might be thought of as a low signal to noise ratio. Once this “noise” or the unwanted secondary vibrations are removed there is a high signal to noise ratio or a clear, clean signal. This is accomplished through the correct and conscious faceting of the crystal. A precise, correct and conscious faceting of a quartz crystal allows it to become a precision tool for healing and meditation work. 

  Rubies, for example, are faceted to make them useful for laser applications. Aluminum oxide chromium, ruby, is a rather unimpressive stone until it is faceted into a cylinder with Brewster windows so that light can be pumped into it and reflected internally so as to produce a coherent light - a laser. The rubies used in this technology are synthetic primarily because of cost and the ability to control the purity of the crystal.

   The first shape created by Marcel Vogel was a four sided bi-pyramidal form. 
In 1974, the pattern for the crystal came to him intuitively, in dream, without any conscious understanding of the energetics of the form. It took one year of hard work in the glass shop at IBM for the crystal to be given shape. Unknowingly Marcel had created a form that was of the same configuration as the Kabbablistic Tree of Life, although the crystal was a three dimensional representation of this sacred geometry.

   Through intuitively guided efforts, an instrument of quartz crystal was created with which experimental results could be replicated. The faceted crystal has the ability to cohere energy, unlike its unfaceted predecessor. These crystals can be duplicated precisely so that multiple crystals can be tested. Each crystal must, however, meet the exacting specifications. A simple physical copy of a Vogel-cut crystal does not necessarily meet the required standards. This can be determined through the use of the Omega 5, a psychotronic instrument used for measuring extremely subtle energies. Many people have found themselves in possession of an imitation of a Vogel-cut crystal and wondered why it doesn’t function as expected. Although similar in appearance, it is not at all the same precision instrument.

   The two ends of the crystal are cut to specific angles. The more acute end, called the operating tip, is intuitively faceted to be in resonance with the individual for whom the crystal is being prepared while the more obtuse tip is shaped to have a specific fixed resonance to an aspect of the earth grid: the Cheops pyramid. 


   There is a story of three stonecutters preparing the blocks necessary for the construction of a building. Upon being asked what they were doing, one cutter, irritated and angry, dissatisfied with his life, snapped back saying “I’m cutting rocks here to build whatever it is they’re making! What does it look like I’m doing!”

   The second worker, preoccupied with making enough money to satisfy all his needs and wants, responded to the same inquiry saying “I’m making these blocks so that I can feed and clothe my family, pay the rent and keep up with all the bills I have. It’s all very hard work!”

   The third worker happily completed his chiseling, paused, looked up at the questioner with a smile on his face, and said “I’ve been allowed to help build this temple. A place of Light where people can come, worship, and be healed in the house of their Lord.”

   Three individuals all doing the same job, or are they? It is the attitude of the third cutter, the realization of the great gift of being allowed to participate in the creation of something that can be of service to humanity that is necessary to create a true healing instrument. In the creation of the sacred stones, not only are the needs of others met, but also the needs of the cutter. In serving others we are served.

   Vogel-cut crystals are specially tuned quantum converters designed to assist in accessing and utilizing particular energies. The angle of the tips are critical to creating a instrument that is in resonance with the water molecule and to the individual for whom the crystal is being prepared. 

  Many practitioners find the option of having a crystal custom made for them to be particularly attractive and useful. The name of the practitioner and sometimes their photograph is used as an energetic witness. Prior to initiating the creation of a Vogel crystal from the raw material a moment or two is taken to focus on the individual for whom the crystal is being prepared.

  Authentic Vogel-cut crystals are created from the best quality natural raw quartz available. This raw material is sometimes from Siberia, sometimes from Madagascar, and frequently from Brazil. 

  The first stage in the preparation of a healing or meditation crystal is to create a rough cut on the trim saw. This means that a very rough shape of the desired finished product is formed using a diamond blade. The crystal at this point is opaque. The surface of the crystal appears to have a frosting on it. The direction of the cut is always along the “C” (central) or growth axis of the crystal. This is an important factor and is not always respected in many of the copies or counterfeit crystals we have seen. In many of the “imitations”, not only is the cut frequently faulty, irregular and inaccurate, but the natural energy flows of the crystal are not respected. This results in a healing piece or medallion that may appear the same as a genuine Vogel-cut, but is in actuality a completely different crystal.

   The next task is to take the rough cut crystal to the lapping machines where it is ground with a series of finer and finer grits. This is similar, although not the same, as the use of finer and finer gradations of sand paper used on wood to bring about a smoothe finish when building furniture. All the work on the flat laps is done by hand without the use of any “dop sticks” or mechanical arms or calibration. It is entirely an intuitive or feeling process.

   This is truly a task of love and meditation. The environment is noisy and cold. Water must be continually flowing on the lapidary wheels as the crystal is faceted in order to prevent the crystal from becoming overheated and cracking or shattering. The sound of the grinding crystal can be quite hard on sensitive ears. Frequently earplugs have to be worn. To breathe in the effluvia from the grinding quartz is hazardous and face masks are usually worn so that the material is not inhaled. The same applies to the eyes. Protective glasses or goggles are often required.

   The finished product is then checked energetically with the Omega 5 to make sure that it has the appropriate energetic value indicating its resonance with water. We also check to ensure that the crystal is appropriate for the individual for whom it was prepared. It is also important that there be no cracks or  chips in the surface of the crystal. A certain amount of inclusions within the crystal are acceptable, but this does not include internal fractures or crack.

   Finally, I will treat the crystal in a way shown to me by Marcel to install a particular permanent programming in it so that it can be used only an instrument of service.

   Often a crystal will get broken for a variety of reasons. Sometimes this is a result of carelessness, but periodically a crystal will have the tip flake off or fracture due to a major shift in the fundamental frequency of the user. A Vogel-cut crystal is designed to precisely fit your energetic field. Should this field change in a dramatic way it may be necessary to alter the angles of the terminations of the crystal. Unable to withstand the pressure that may be created by a field so out of phase with its primary frequency the crystal will flake off at the tip. This usually happens at the operating tip or more acute angled termination. Should this happen we can easily re-tune or re-cut your crystal for you at a nominal cost. Our focus is to be of service to our friends who wish to work with Vogel-cut crystals in a real and meaningful way.

   The faceting process can be thought of as “domesticating” or teaching the crystal to function in a specific way in order to bring out its highest potential. The faceting is done as a gift to the crystal, not as an intrusion or violation. It is not appropriate to alter every crystal. For some their highest value is to remain in their natural form. This attitude is critical in the transformation of raw quartz into a Vogel crystal. Since the early days the number of facets on the crystals has been increased from four sides to six, eight, twelve, thirteen, twenty four, and so. The greater the number of facets the greater is the potential energetic spin within the crystal. Each facet is like a mirror from which light can be reflected.

   As mentioned, a crystal must be faceted not only with geometric precision along the “C” or growth axis, but must also be worked with right attitude and consciousness. It is not simply a matter of mechanically cutting the same general shape. I have had some of the best crystal and diamond cutters in the world from Germany attempt to reproduce the Vogel-cut crystals with no success. Despite the similarity of appearance the energetic measurement of these crystals were not at all the same.

   I presented these crystals and the findings to Marcel and he laughed saying:

  “You see, I’ve told you before that you can go ahead and try to copy these crystals, but you can’t do it. Now you know for yourself! There’s much more involved than just cutting crystals into a certain shape.” (personal communication)

   Since his passing in 1991, many people have attempted to copy Marcel’s crystals, but to my knowledge none meet the energetic standards required. I have tested many of the duplicates and found them to be lacking not just physically, but energetically as well.

   We continue the production of authentic Vogel-cut crystals with the same cutters who have been faceting the crystals for years. Shortly before his passing Marcel asked us to maintain the high standards he established for these instruments:

  “I ask that you carry on this work as best you can and maintain the standards we have striven to achieve over the years. I have given you the heart of my work and I know you will continue with wisdom and love.” (Letter: Marcel Vogel - Rumi Da 1990)

   The form geometry of a Vogel cut crystal creates a coherent field of energy that can act as a carrier wave of information whereas raw quartz does not. 
   Why is this important? 

   According to Marcel:

   “This carrier wave must have a coherency to it so as not to mingle with the radiation’s emitted from the target material but act now as the differentiation transport vehicle. The quartz crystal cut in the bi-pyramidal shape provides such an instrument.” (P.R.I. Newsletter #7.4 July-August 1990, PRI/Lifestream Associates)

   In the case of offering “healing” service to another individual, the radiation emitted from the target material would refer to the difficulty, injury, or distress experienced by the client. The coherent light emitted from the Vogel crystal is able to penetrate the often disparate radiant fields within and around a distressed individual. An incoherent energy is often dissipated if not completely absorbed by the chaotic field generated by the distress.

   In a Vogel-cut crystal the differing angles of the tips create a diode effect with the transmission of energy from one termination to the other. 

   With the field moving primarily in one direction the energy of an individual is reflected back to them through the crystal. By using a Vogel-cut crystal a charge separation can occur. The “healer” is not affected by the client’s field. This is one of the primary benefits of using a crystal rather than direct “hands-on” healing.

   Beyond this, the most profound effect of the faceted crystal has to do with its relationship and resonance to water. A crystal that is faceted and tuned to the water molecule will hold a charge or information that when transferred to the body of person will link to the H2O molecule. This charge is stored within the interlattice
space of the crystal. Because more than 75% of the physical body is water, the Vogel crystal, with its resonance with water, is the perfect delivery mechanism for the introduction of subtle energies to an individual. It was also thought that the various subtle energy bodies described in metaphysical literature are gradations of a field that is anchored to the physical body via the water molecule.

   The crystal is a quantum converter that is able to store and transmit energy in a form that has discreet biological effects. Our speculation is that because of the cohering capability of the Vogel-cut crystal it can used to affect “reality” at the quantum or subatomic level. The imprint of thoughtforms or coding is stored on and within the particles or wave packets at the quantum level. This is most likely a resonant effect. The human body, on an energetic level, is an array of oscillating points that are layered and have a definite symmetry and structure at both the macro and micro dimensions.

   The bones, tissues, cells, and fluids of the body have a definite crystallinity about them. The structure of the fluids, cells, and tissues of the body tend to become unstructured or incoherent when dis-ease or distress is present. The physical body is comprised of liquid crystal systems in the cell membranes, intercellular fluids as well as the larger structures such as the fatty tissues, muscular and nervous systems, lymph, blood, and so on. Through the use of an appropriately tuned crystal, to which these structures are responsive, balance and coherence can be restored by delivering the necessary “information” or energetic nutrients. This is the beginning of healing.


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