There are fundamental basics about quartz crystals discovered by Dr. Marcel Vogel in his years of research. These are:

  1. Crystals have no intrinsic power. They are very sensitive and precise tools that will accumulate a charge from an individual using the crystal, amplify that charge and transmit it through the crystal to a designated destination via breath and intent. In this case the crystal functions as a bio-energetic template, transducer and transmitter.
  2. A crystal acts as an amplifier of the bio-energetic fields surrounding the body of an individual. These fields are generally controlled by breath.
  3. The energy fields that are stored in the body of a crystal will fit the structure of water. When a charged crystal is directed into a body of water, a charge transfer takes place, causing a significant number of the water molecules to become structured, developing a liquid crystal state at room temperature. There is a measurable change in the hydrogen bonding as observed by infra-red and ultra-violet spectrophotometry. There is also a change in the electrical conductivity of the water, the surface tension, pH, and freezing point.
  4. The charge accumulated in a crystal can be store and transferred to a) another crystal, b) water (or any other fluid), or c) another person


   Frequently we will have a crystal specifically prepared for an individual. The energy filed of the person taking custody of the crystal is considered in the faceting process and this becomes part of the crystal’s frequency. In the past all crystals were created this way and we continue this practice for those individuals wanted a crystal prepared especially for them and the work in which they are engaged.  We have discovered since that when presented with a variety of Vogel-cut® crystals, an individual will intuitively select one that best fits their energy filed. When possible we confirm this using the Omega 5, an instrument created to measure the subtle fields in and around crystals. 

   The internal environment of the crystal is not as important as some might think. Although optical quality and clarity is beautiful and offers some unquestionable benefits it is not necessarily a primary consideration in selecting a crystal. Clear crystals have been observed to become cloudy and cloudy crystals have been observed to become clear through use.

   The inclusions within a crystal that some people find distasteful are gateways to the many realms of imagination for others. One must choose according to one’s proclivities as well as so called objective criteria. It is important that there not be fractures or cracks in the crystal and the tips be intact. These would cause a distortion in the energetic storage and transmission capabilities of the crystal.

   What of the number of sides available on the Vogel® crystal?

    As more sides are added the energetic spin within a crystal has the potential of being faster or more intense. The intensity of spin will allow the energy emitted from the crystal to have a greater or lesser degree of penetration through the various subtle bodies of a person. A four sided crystal is useful for physical aches and pains, a six sided crystal will perform in much the same way but is able to penetrate more deeply into the energetic bodies allowing one to work more easily in the emotional aspect of the field. The eight sided crystal allows one to remove multiple layers of patterning which may not be accessed by the four or six sided crystal. It is useful to release deep shock and trauma, and releasing patterning that is at a soul level of consciousness. All of this, of course, is contingent upon the capability of the user.

    In common use at this time are twelve sided healing crystals. Crystals with a greater number of sides may have special applications for various individuals, but it must be understood that more is not necessarily better. It is different and useful depending upon the need and intent. Sometimes a weaker field can have a more profound effect. The needs of the client must always be considered.

    Often people think that if they have a crystal with a very high number of sides, this is better. Not necessarily so. Sometimes these choices are made from a limited ego or personality perspective without any consideration as to use. Why do you choose to use a crystal in a given situation? Why use a crystal at all? What is your intent? Frequently we are not aware of our specific intent. When dealing with the amplified and cohered forces that can be produced using a Vogel-cut® crystal, awareness of our intent is very important. One intent of our teaching work at Lifestream Associates is to provide information with which informed decisions and choices can be made.

    When you first acquire any crystal it needs to be cleared of any influences that might be harmful or limiting to you. Over years of research two basic methods have been found to be effective in clearing a crystal. The first is to use a de-magnetizer. These are usually available from Radio Shack®. The field generated by this instrument will strip a crystal completely. A preferable method is to use your own breath and consciousness.

    To release or clear the energies in a crystal, hold the tips of the crystal between the thumb and second finger of your dominant hand. With you non-dominant hand hold opposing sides on the body of the crystal. Slowly breathe in with the thought to clear the crystal of any harmful or limiting influences. When the breath is fully inhaled, hold for one or two seconds and then forcefully exhale the breath in a short burst or pulse. The process of pulsing is somewhat like sneezing or a single round of the yogic breath of fire or kabalabathi.

    Repeat this process for each pair or faces on the body of the crystal.

    When a crystal is too large to hold in your hand, simply hold an image of the crystal in your mind’s eye, breathe in with the intent to clear it and pulse the breath as described above. This can be done over any distance although a certain degree of mastery and confidence is required. Slowly, slowly one can release conventional ideas of time and space.

    To charge your crystal, hold it in your dominant hand and roll or rotate it clockwise (to the right) while at the same time squeezing each of the facets of the body of the crystal. In a short time the surface of the crystal will begin to feel somewhat sticky. This is a superficial piezo-electric charge build up.

    When this primary charge has been induced, hold the crystal with your index finger over the tip, if possible. Have the more acute angled tip pointing away from you. Draw in the breath with the intent of filling the crystal with all the Love in your Heart and pulse the breath. The pulsing action of the breath transfers the energy into the crystal and a fragment of consciousness occupies the lattice space within the crystal. The basic carrier wave and cohering factor of your consciousness is Love. Once this is done, another more specific frequency can be added onto the basic carrier wave.

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